Alaska is one place in the United States where the legal cannabis business is flourishing. Several cannabis businesses are thriving in the city due to the high demands. Of such businesses, one that is in the news is the Cannabis Club situated in Alaska. Alaska Cannabis Club is one of the most renowned cannabis businesses that stay at the top in terms of sales and terms of controversies. Charlo Greene, a reporter who quit her job in 2014 to found the club. To this day, it is one of the most renowned clubs dealing in legalized cannabis.

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The story of Charlo Greene is quite interesting. She quit her job live on television and cited the reason that she will be dedicating her time to legalizing cannabis. She would do this by heading the Alaska Cannabis Club. She was the co-founder of the Alaska Cannabis Club and used this platform to spread her message. Charlo Greene was a determined woman and she did what she said on national television. She was seen taking the cause seriously and appeared on quite some media platforms to promote her cause.

The Alaska Cannabis Club started at the residence of Charlo Greene. Here she used the house to the venue for adults in the legal possession of medicinal cannabis to share it with others. Her operations that she carried out in the city against legalizing cannabis had affected many authorities. Through the club, Greene wanted to spread the message of medicinal cannabis. She wanted it to be legalized for recreational use. The club formed by her was to propagate the movement and bring in momentum for the cause.

The club launched a show that talked about medicinal cannabis and invited guests that have been benefited by the same. This show was quite popular and had several cannabis activists and patients who would share the benefits of cannabis. She had a huge audience and there were several followers of the club. Here in the show, she would ask her guests the why behind weed and have several other conversations related to cannabis and its legalization. Greene saw potential in her club and believed that she would win. Her dedication and hard work is the result of what the club she once founded had achieved.

The club boasted about several benefits of consuming weed and how it can help individuals overcome their diseases. She called in several guests into her show that have been benefited due to the consumption of cannabis. Greene was a determined woman and would do anything to achieve her cause. The club promoted cannabis through the show, which was very popular among people. Greene also believed that medicinal cannabis could help soldiers get relief from their injuries during combat without having to consume any addictive pain medicines.

Green as long as she was a reporter had no independence but after quitting her job and co-founding the Alaska Cannabis Club, she is believed to have her independence. In the mainstream media, she could speak her heart out but being a journalist now and representing Alaska Cannabis Club she can say whatever she wants. Greene was determined from the start to spread awareness about medicinal cannabis and change the laws. She dreamt of legalizing cannabis in California after legalizing it in Alaska. The club played a prominent role in this movement.

Alaska Cannabis Club represented the movement to legalize cannabis in Alaska headed by Charlo Greene. As discussed above Charlo Greene being a journalist quit her job and started the club named Alaska Cannabis Club. She had many followers who were in this cause together with her. She would promote her cause in her talk show and several other media platforms. She would invite celebrities, porn stars, chefs and many more people who shared the same feeling as her of legalizing cannabis in Alaska.

Greene after founding the Alaska Cannabis Club was a journalist and an activist. She was familiar with the process and so had an upper hand in what she fought for. Government officials have targeted her too many times, which is why her club is on her radar. There were several raids done on her property, which is also the venue of the Alaska Cannabis Club. Regardless Green her followers are strong and keep fighting back the authorities. The fight for legalizing marijuana is challenging and this Club and all its followers were faced with it.

Greene believed that change can take place only when there is an initiative put in by the citizens and all rise for the cause. Her cause was to legalize cannabis in the Alaska province and slowly move on to other parts of the country. The move was tough but several followers who believed in her and the Alaska Cannabis Club, which she had founded for her cause, persuaded her. Starting from 2014, right after she quit her job Charlo Green has been working in fighting her cause and building the club. She is entirely responsible for the huge success of the Alaska Cannabis Club and she is proud of it. Many times in her show, she would invite guests that have been benefited from medicinal cannabis and would appreciate her cause. She was determined and that could be seen in her eyes. She had the daring to fight authorities being a minority, which is remarkable.

The Club also worked for the betterment of the life and standards of black people. Greene criticized the government for not letting the blacks prosper and believed that the rich only got richer and the poor got poorer because of the system. The Alaska Cannabis Club was started with a mission and on its journey; Greene was able to highlight several other issues in American society. She was against the crime being done to the black and fought it with the system.

Though the possibilities to change the laws were impossible she believed that by letting people know about the benefits of cannabis she would bring a change. She was determined and fought until the last. She would explain why cannabis consumption is good for the mind and soul and why it should be legalized. She gave reasons for several diseases that could be cured with the help of medicinal cannabis. She also referred to people suffering from anxiety disorders and how they could recover from them by consuming medicinal cannabis.

Alaska so long lacked a voice that would speak on behalf of all the cannabis businesses running in the city. There was no one to take up the cause and help people whose lives have been better consuming cannabis. The Alaska Cannabis Club was formed with the sole objective of legalizing cannabis consumption in Alaska. Greene had put in all her efforts to establish her Club and run the medicinal cannabis business. The Alaska Cannabis Club has helped many businesses thrive again that were having legal issues.

Green’s struggle and continuous efforts have shown several improvements. The state has now decided to act and help thrive cannabis businesses in the city. Several efforts put forward by the government to curb the movement for legalizing cannabis in the city. The reasons behind this are lack of a voice or a strong leader who can speak forth for the movement. Charlo Greene on the other hand is a new hero for the people who are looking for legalizing cannabis in the city. Green with her movements and as the founder of the Alaska Cannabis Club will keep on striving and looking for loopholes to get her cause sanctioned. The struggle is real and with efforts over the year’s right from when the Club was established it has achieved a lot.


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